A great line from a great poem

In english class, we have read the poem A Father To His Son by Carl Sandburg. This poem really caught my interest because it talks about how a father gives advice to his son about life.

My favorite line from the poem is “Let him have lazy days seeking his deeper motives.”

I like this line because this line talks about how laziness is somehow useful in our lives.

When we are bored and lazy, we often are very silent. During this silence, we are forced to think about our lives.

While thinking about our lives we sometimes make the most important decisions that would lead us to either greatness or failure. This proves how lazy days impact our lives in a very big scale.


H2B 23 Martin Lim iMovie final act and Quiz.

take some time to watch my anti cyber-bullying post. 🙂


Poem Territories

1.)  Through all the days and nights, /  My shoe stayed with me through all the fights.

2.)  I go out the doors, / To hear the waves crash against the shores.

3.) Thinking about life without music, / It just makes me sick.

4.) Dribbling and throwing a ball, / is my favorite sport of all.

5.) High risk why reward, / so take the chance unless you’re a coward.

6.) Try and try until you succeed, / you’ll never know, you might end up doing a good deed.

7.) Watching TV, / is not as interesting as the class of Mr. CB. 🙂

A Day To Remember

It was one ordinary Friday night. My friends and I were talking and we randomly decided to go out and have fun the next day. This ordinary gimmick would soon to be one of the biggest events of my life that changed me.

The gimmick was not really extraordinary. Nothing really special happened, but i learned something very important that day. I realized that my friends mean a lot to me. For some reason, at that day, I saw so many people alone in the mall. I saw how they seemed to be lost and lonely. This is the exact opposite of what i feel when I'm accompanied by my friends. My friends make me feel happy and at home. When I am with my friends, I always have that feeling of not wanting to go home anymore. This is because my friends are such awesome and fun people to be with.

This event changed my life because after that day, I started treating my friends differently. I realized that they were those kinds of people who you would consider to be real friends. They are there for me whether I win or lose. They are there for me whether I have problems or I don't. Even if my friends and I sometimes argue and tease each other just a little too far, we all know that we are like a family. I know that if i have problems or if I just feel sad, my friends will always be there for me. And I'm sure that my friends know that if they have problems, I'll always be there for them. My friends will always be a big part of my life because for me, they're like my brothers. :) Read more of this post

Video making script

For 1 minute, I will talk about and elaborate on the following topics :

– cyberbullying.

– what it is

– why it’s important

– so what if it exists?

– what ways/how can we stop it

– It’s multiplier effect.

– when a person does a bad action and his bad action can be measured by the spillovers it causes/influences.

background music – Watcha Say by Jason Derulo

End of the video, I will be showing my poster on cyberbullying.

Stop cyberbullying! I can make a difference!

Slogan : “Don’t be a cyber bully! Hurting people is cruelty!”

What does that picture and that slogan mean anyway? What does it have to do with me? Why is that important? So what if cyberbullying exists?

Cyberbullying is an issue in our world to day where people go as far as committing suicide because of the mental torture. It is something that is very serious for us teenagers because we usually aren’t aware about it happening. We are all involved because you might not notice, but you may already be cyberbullying someone unconsciously. Cyberbullying is our problem. Cyber bullying stops with us.



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